Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 5 - Envy

Today was better than yesterday, but just about anything could have happened to me today and it would have been better than yesterday. By the way, my boss isn't upset that I accidentally took a key home, I just need to drop it off tomorrow before I go to my gig.

Today's Sin: Envy (Latin - invidia)

So Wentworth open up tomorrow, and I really want to go skiing. There wont be much open, just the main trail I think, which gets very boring after a while, but that one trail is better than the entire Martock hill. I've got a friend who's family has a cabin up in the Wentworth Valley, he and his brothers are leaving tonight (they're most likely on the road now) to go up skiing for the first day that the hill is open. I really want to go skiing, and considering how bad my back can be, it's a good thing that I don't actually get to go as often as I would like. If I did I would be flat on my back for weeks up to months, and that just doesn't fit into my schedule.

I give today a 7/10 for Envy.

-Cheers and Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Okay, that's enough of that.

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