Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 7 - Greed

Well, I did it. I actually was able to blog each day about one of the seven deadly sins. I think to celebrate I will got make myself an extra strong drink, sip it slowly, and drift off to sleep to wake up early tomorrow (have been getting up around noon or later recently) to open presents, have Christmas Breakfast, then go up to my Nanny and Grampy's to watch them open theirs.

Today's sin:Greed (Latin - avaritia)

It's officially Christmas day right now, and in true Nova Scotian fashion, it's raining. Is it too much to ask for snow? Even Vancouver has the white stuff! *sigh* I guess I shouldn't be greedy. We had dinner with the family at Nanny and Grampy's tonight. I don't think I was very greedy at the meal, although my brother did accuse me of being wasteful when I took a glass of wine and didn't finish it (Nanny finished it though, so no waste). I can say right now though, seeing all those presents made me want to open all of mine right then and there. We played crib after dinner, myself and mom were on one team, brother and Nanny were on the other team. We won the first game, they won the next two. I must clarify that they only ever won by a maximum of 5 pegs, all the games were really close.

I guess I should have put greed on another day, because truthfully I was not greedy today. It is a time of giving, and I think I have given quite well this year. I'm pretty sure that I will do a recap of the year on the 31st. A Year in Review, if you will. That's it for tonight, I might stay up a bit later to see if the mister comes online so I can wish him a Merry Christmas, but tonight will not be a late night, too much excitement tomorrow.

Today gets a 4/10 for Greed. I guess I'm just not a greedy person.

-Cheers and have a Merry Holiday.

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