Monday, December 15, 2008

Because the cat's out of the bag.

The Super Duper Secret Project was gifted tonight, so it deserves and is able to be blogged about now. Say hello, to Ten.

I used Snuffykin's Tenth Doctor Pattern, and actually stayed on the pattern, mostly.I didn't change anything, but I did add a collar by Ch20, skip 2, DC in next chain, HDC in next, SC 16, HDC in next, DC in next. I then sewed that to the neck join area, which helped clean it up a bit I found. The suit and hair are Patons Canadiana in brown, shirt, shoes, head and hands are Cascade 220 in various colours, and the eyes are Safety eyes I found at Atlantic Fabrics a while ago.

He worked up really quickly, or it might have been that I was a little obsessed too. The hair is totally awesome, and really looks (and even kinda feels) more like real hair than just a crochet cap.

I want to see if I can make some BSG dolls from the same type of pattern, We're doing a BSG party when the new season starts, so I think it would be awesome to have my own little Lee, Kara, and some of the others too.

Well that's all from me. I'm going to go get some food, left over stir fry is calling me. :)

-cheers and happy knitting!

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