Sunday, November 8, 2009

311. My Whoops Again

SONY DSCBetween work, the theatre (one show over, doing two night next weeks, and the musical just beginning), and being social with my housemates I have barely had any time to take photos in decent lighting conditions. I have managed to finish a beret which might be too small, and a shawl that I forgot the plain purl rows on, so it has gone to the frog pond. Alpaca does not frog well. It kind of makes me sad. In any case, it will get started again, this time with the purl rows as indicated. The beret is nice. I’m glad I chose a wool and not an alpaca, there is no way it would have had the memory for the ribbed brim. I might cast on the second go with a larger needle though, the 5mm seemed a little dense for my liking.

SONY DSCI really like alpaca though, so I’m glad I’ve got it for the shawl.

SONY DSC Even the purl side is pretty. I’ll be very glad to not have to do all that patterning on the purl side though. That’s for sure.

SONY DSC The beret turned out nice. I tried it on before I blocked it, and unfortunately I think it might be a touch short. Hopefully the blocking makes it better.


I got some funny looks from my housemates as I put a wet hat on a dinner plate, but I explained it and they only think I’m slightly crazy now. That’s okay, I can deal with slightly crazy.

-Cheers folks!

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