Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy to be Home

I’m back in Halifax, actually I have been since the 20th, but I’m just now getting to blog. Mainly because I have just gotten around to taking pictures of Stilwell. It’s coming along really well though.


I’ve got the sleeves both done, and I’m working on the body now. Even though this is about the fourth or fifth time I’ve cast on the body, this time seems to be going well. Even though I’m a little frightened because when I had it on my 40” Addi it filled the entire circ. It’s only supposed to be 37” or so, but this should still be okay considering my hips.


I’ve cast on another plain vanilla sock out of some new Patons Kroy, casting aside (pardon the pun) the plain sock I was doing out of Cherry Tree Hill. For some odd reason I’m really into the self striping, 75/25 wool/nylon sock yarn that I was never into before. I always thought they were pretty, but I never took to them like I have recently. No Pictures of that, but I’ve got about 1/3rd or so of the foot done. Got to love toe ups. I’ve only got one 50g ball though, but in my experience that’s all my socks take.

Well, that’s probably it till the new year. My 365 lasted a fair while, but I didn’t follow it through the entire year. I still think I did rather well, and I’m in awe of people who do blog every day. 2009 was filled with ups and downs, here’s hoping that 2010 is just as good if not better. Who knows where it will find any of us. I certainly didn’t think that 2009 would see me moving a few provinces away all on my own. In any case, 2009 was more good than bad, one can only hope for that, right?

-Cheers folks, and happy 2009, see you in 2010.

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