Saturday, January 16, 2010

In Which I become Obsessed

So I cast on for a very simple kerchief on the 10th. I have become sort of enthralled with lace patterns as well as shawls and kerchiefs. I’m doing Bridgewater from Jared Flood’s “Made In Brooklyn” for the Ravelympics in black lace after all, doesn’t that spell out obsession right there? Anyways, I wanted something simple, quick, and easily wearable. So I dove into my stash (albeit not too deeply), and pulled out some Cables and Lace Lizard Toes in the Night’s Plutonian Shore color as well as some Lime and Violet Sasquatch Superwash in the Jimmy Stewart color. Two absolutely wonderful colors, and beautiful together. I cast on, and was off to the races.

Well, on the 14th, I had this:

Not-Silk Kerchief

Done, soaked, blocked, ends not woven in though. I’m always slow to get the ends woven in. I love it though. It’s super light and wafty, though a touch on the masculine side, I adore it. Now I want another one. Maybe I’ll see if I have some more feminine colors to do it out of. I do need to finish my sweater, and my Dr Who Socks, and I did cast on an extremely late Christmas present yesterday too. Oh well. It’ll all get done eventually.

In other news, the Canal is open for skating.

Canal Skating Jan15-6

Not many people out on the 14th when it first opened, this was at about 4pm, so not many people were off work yet though I suppose. I didn’t go skating myself, instead I went over the the yarn store and knit on the kerchief. I went out on the 15th though, kind of wish I hadn’t though. Not because I fell, but because the temperature was hovering around 1C above, so things were a touch mushy.

Canal Skating Jan15-10

I’m not a very confident skater, and what with the conditions I was only out for about 15 minutes before I decided to call it quits. With my back the way it is, a fall would not be good.

Canal Skating Jan15-9

You can see in that picture all the mush at the sides especially, but there really wasn’t a good area to be skating. They recommend wearing hockey skates because the tips on figure skates can get caught in the cracks. Well I only have the one pair of skates, which probably need to be sharpened any case. Oh well. I’ll find me a strong lad to hold onto and keep me from falling the next time.

-cheers folks!

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Mercerch said...

Three things:

1) Thanks for starting to blog again.
2) I love how your knitting is not my mothers/grandmothers... as good as they were it was not very creative. Very much looked home made.
3) Did you know that some people who live near that canal and work downtown are known to skate to work. True story.