Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CAPP Rally

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. If you’re not aware, our Prime Minister has decided to stop working for the second time in two years. Which means that we currently have no working government. Long story, just look up some Canadian news and you’ll get the gist, I just don’t feel like elaborating here and now. In any case, there was a Rally on the Hill on Saturday, and I went. I’m glad I did, I feel proud that I did, and what an event it was.

Anti Prorogue Rally-29

There were so many people with flags and signs, including the one on a hockey stick. Win.

Anti Prorogue Rally-27

Elizabeth May spoke, leader of the Green Party.

Anti Prorogue Rally-24

Michael Ignatieff spoke, leader of the Liberal Party.

Anti Prorogue Rally-16

Jack Layton spoke, leader of the New Democratic Party.

I will now admit to a little bit of Fangirl Squee, because all these people were only about 20 feet in front of me. I somehow managed to squeeze my way right up to the front and sat in between two camera tripods. It was great. Cold, but great.

There was also one really amazing guy with an awesome sign.

Anti Prorogue Rally-6

More pictures (as always) on my Flickr.

-Cheers folks!


Wenchfaery said...

OMG! With all of the people at that rally, you managed to get a picture of my husband! He's the bearded guy directly beneath the "Democratic Stability Now" sign. :D

theaudiochick said...

Small world eh! There might even be more on Flickr if you check. :P