Monday, December 3, 2007

Fourteen Ungodly Christmas Knits

figure out the acronym.

Im realising that I have alot to do for christmas before Im actually ready. Dad needs another sock. nanny needs to get her scarf finished. Claudette needs a rum bottle. Graham needs a Gir. Kyle needs a Marvin....not to mention the amount of shopping I have left to do.

Im also working on a pair of Jaywalkers from Magknits. Damn you Lime and Violet for making me a sock addict. The shadow knit Linux scarf is on the back burner, more important things on the go right now. I still haven't cast on Whit's other mitt.

I think I need to find a knitting group just so I can sit down and not have people make fun of me (damn rents), or feel guilty cause I take up two seats on the bus.

BUT I finished two toques. One was just plain ribbing for a friend of Rich's. and the other was a cable toqu in cascade 220 quatro for me. <3 it.

oh well, cest la vie. btw, SNOW *SQWEEEEEEEE*

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