Saturday, December 29, 2007


the holiday madness is over! *dance*

and my last shift at horrible retail job is tomorrow! *double dance*

me and daddy went skiing today *triple dance*

I cast on my own sock patter *quadruple dance*

it just keeps getting better :D so, updates. mom felt left out cause she didnt get anything hand knit. but I think I'm going to try to finish the clapotis for her before they go away on their trip. a little french scarf will be perfect for their trip to europe. I balled up a bit of my stash that was taking over my room. seeing as it takes up less room in balls than it does on a hank. and I fell in love with my Celestial Merino Dream. I cast it on to my 2.25mm dpns. and i decided that I was going to make a basket weave sock with a short row garter stitch heel. it'll be fun. I also started listening to Sticks and Strings after my godmother (who has previously listened to L&V but didnt realise that I was goddess Gwen) told me about "the austrailian bloke who knits". I'm seriously falling in love with everything this week. I want a hunk of a man with an accent. honestly the accent will do. he can be butt ugly but if hge has an awesome accent I might just jump him.

In completly unrelated news, I got a thick green plaid blanket for christmas.... mmmmm warmy plaid goodness..... *drool*

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