Tuesday, December 18, 2007

oh dear, oh deary deary me

so I nearly broke down and cried at a lab this morning at the recording studio. first off, for the first hour I was the only person from my group to show up, and our project is due WEDNESDAY!. I was trying to transfer said project onto the mac there, and it kept getting hung up at different places. so it wassn't a corrupt file, it was technology and life hating me. well, I hadn't reformatted that drive in quite some time. like 6 months or so, so I decided to do that. I transfered all my data onto my laptop then formatted the drive on the mac, then put ONLY the project (all 3.3 gig of it) onto my 80 gig external drive. Tried again. same problem. it hated me. so after forcing a reboot (the third time of that day) and verifying disk permissions I tried again, and again, and again. the i tried transfering individual files. that worked, but there was 3.3 gig of stuff, mainly all audio files of 2 to 5 MB. so that would have taken forever. I got frustrated, so I went and sat on the leather coach in the back with my head in my hands. My lab supervisor came out of the office and asked me what the problem was. I told him and he sat down and tried some stuff. after a while, he got up, took my drive, went around the back of the console (to get to the CPU) and plugged my drive directly in there. transfered the project, and it worked. I opened the project, AND 50% OF MY FILES WERE MISSING. i was ticked, then we realised that not everything had transfered, so we did it again, and this time it was good. Everything was there and hunky dorry. this was two hours after the ordeal started. by that time two more people had shown up.

but other than my fights with technology, I've been knitting up a storm, and apparently not getting anywhere. I started excheckered from knitty. love it. with thanks to michael from the lime and violet message board I am knitting the back color holding the yarn with my left hand, and the front yarn with my right. its fun, and im about an 8th done. knitting it with cascade, white and purple. I'm still working on dad's second sock. I did turn the heel, and only have like 2 inches left before i do toe decreases. so I'm excited. I finished nanny's my so called scarf. it looks good. not as long as I like scarves, but considering my danica is like 7 feet long....I like uber long scarves. this one will be nice for her though.

I'm done wrapping all the gifts I already have, except for the bottle of rum I bought for my bro, but I can get to that later.I just need to have this term over with, and get my christmas shopping done.

oh! and I have a gig with my past music teacher! I'm excited. I did the gig before, but its been like... a year and a half since Ive even picked up an upright bass... I hope I do well!

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