Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mark Your Calendars!

Media (Music): In Cars by I See Rowboats from the Album Music & Image 4 (Atlantic Film Fest album)

Projects worked on today: Socks and Stripes (stripped Noro socks, toe up, short row heel, 4 row striping), Alpaca Cowl (zig zag cowl, as per pattern)

I blogged twice in a week... well, a month too. I've been a bad blogger recently, but I'm back, and with a blogging bug that has bit me hard. I'm also thinking of trying something different (ie: the layout of this post). Media and projects right up front, so y'all know what I've been working on and listening to.

I turned the heel on my noro socks. *insert joyous chorus here* They're going so quickly and I don't really fear the SSS for these just because they are actually going so quickly.

I was kinda ticked that the yellow went to orange so quickly, but it wasn't a knot, just a really fast color change. Oh well, it still looks awesome. I love the bright colors, espescially the pink and the orange.

I'm going to try to make them knee socks, but I don't know if I'll have enough yarn. I'll weigh the sock VS the remaining yarn and go as high as I can until they're just about equal, and then I'll finish up and start the other sock, I can sort of see terror in my own eyes thinking that they'll end up no being the same length at all, but oh well, they can be fraternal socks, or I can take out the first one and frog back till they're the same length. It'll work out fine in the end...I hope.

The Alpaca Cowl is just that, a Cowl (ZigZag Cowl) that I'm making out of Alpaca yarn that I got for my birthday. Not sure what brand it is, but I'm pretty sure it's locally grown, sheared, and spun considering who I got it from and the fact that there were no labels. It's really light and lofty and I can't wait to wear it. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it yet, but they'll come in time.

I finished another block for my Lizard Ridge Blanket. That makes 4 blocks, half of what I've been planning on doing. I have 6 more balls of Kureyon, so I'll need 2 more. Oh yea, I'm making the blocks out of two balls from the same dye lot, working until I have 20 ridges, or ten of the short row repeat sections done. It'll make more a more uniform blanket I think. I just have to find some way of blocking them. I'm probably going to end up buying those rubber mat puzzle things so I can do blocking inside without worrying about having to weight down a blanket that I pin the knitted item to.

Well, that sounds like it's it. Amazing how much more concise I can be when I'm a good blogger eh?

-cheers and happy poly-crafting!

(btw, music now is Leave by Slowcoaster from Music & Image)

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Kate said...

Those are so beautiful. I'm stickk a top down sock knitter. I just think it fits my knitting style and goes quicker for me. But, I do admire the toe up gals because they look so cool in progress.