Friday, March 26, 2010

Baking up a storm

I’ve been baking and cooking a whole lot the last week or so, Yesterday was insane, but it started last week. St. Patrick’s day found me with green cupcakes.

St Pats Cupcakes-2

The batter was green. Not quite as green as I would have liked, but the amount of food colouring I had already used was a little insane.

St Pats Cupcakes-5

Green icing to top them, and add in a few sprinkles and voila! Cupcakes that make everyone happy are born.

Yesterday though, was as I already said, insane. First off, the back story and reasoning behind it. The 26th (today) is Friday at the theatre, so party night. We’ve even got a theme, English Pub Night. So of course I had to think of something to make. My thoughts instantly went to Fish & Chips, but that would be really quite expensive, so I vetoed it. Next, Bangers and Mash… once again, too expensive. I then really drew a blank, so I did some research. Pork scraps seemed too difficult to make, I wasn’t really keen on just getting a bag of crisps, and then I stumbled upon Ploughman's Lunch. It then sent me after Baps, but deciding against making bread, I took a break and really had to eat something, all the research had me famished. On the docket: Cottage Pie.

What do you need?

Cottage Pie-1

Onion and garlic.

Cottage Pie-2


Cottage Pie-3

Minced (ground) beef.

Cottage Pie-5

& Mashed potatoes.

Put it all together, and what do you get? A glorious meal, with 6 portions in the freezer.

Cottage Pie-8 Then later that evening, as I was doing more research, I stumbled upon Sunday Roast. It's not new to me, not new at all, I had just forgotten about it. With that came the memory of wonderful roast beef, lots of gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, carrots, and Yorkshire Pudding. I had it, my idea of what to bring to the theatre. Unfortunately I wouldn't have the bucket of gravy to go with it, but I'm okay with that.

Yorkshire Pudding-2

They’re light, fluffy, and absolutely wonderful. Even later that night I looked at the two apples I had in my crisper, and decided to make apple crisp. No pictures of that though, it got eaten too quickly, and then put in containers for leftovers even quicker.

Like I said, I kind of went insane with the cooking. Oops. Good thing I have a good sized freezer and housemates who like to eat.

-Cheers folks!

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Mercerch said...

I'd be so fat if I was your roommate. It all sounds so good.