Sunday, March 28, 2010


I for some reason haven’t finished a knitted object in a while. I did finish a pair of socks, but I don’t really count them. Well I suppose I do, I just haven’t taken any pictures of them. In any case, Everything else on my needles is big (Bridgewater shawl, log cabin blanket, Whisper cardi), I’ve even been working on my quilt. You remember my quilt? Apparently I like to start big projects and then either be all insane and finish them right away, or set them aside, and finish them a year or so in the future. Like I did with my Lizard Ridge blanket. Today was not the day for big huge projects though, today I actually finished something.


Say hello to K-9. He's Doctor Who's robot dog (and later on he became Sarah Jane's). He's adorable, says things like "affirmative" and "yes, master", and is brilliant to boot. Well, at about 3 inches high, my little stuffed K-9 fits the adorable part of those qualities.


I really am proud of how he turned out. I even put a bit of weight in the body of him so he'd stay upright. I think I'd like to make the big one from the Doctor Who Pattern Book, but first I think I should finish up some other projects.

Did I also mention that I've been working. In my intended career field. It's great because I love it, it doesn't feel like work, and yet I'm getting paid for it. That's the best type of job.

Cheers folks!

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haltse said...

That's adorable in a so many ways.

Being made of yarn would certainly explain away his lisp. He'd probably also be able to stop the Daleks by gumming up the wheels and maybe getting enough lint in the cyberman's respirator to give them a worry.

Sadly I think the Master would just wash him on high and that would unravel the poor guy.