Thursday, September 3, 2009

246. My Progress


Oops. The Cast On Bug bit me last night. I broke down and started Daybreak. I’m not a fan of actually needing to count, but that’s okay, because I’ve now got into the rhythm, so it’s all good. The Araucania seems a little rough, but I’m certain it will soften up with a wash. I’m nearly done the first section, I’ll probably end up finishing it tonight, and then, of course, I’ll keep going and start with the color section. I can’t wait for another shawl to wear. My circular shawl is a little bulky for the weather we’ve been having. And my Adams shawl (as amazing as it is) gets a little boring after a while. I need to finish off my Laminaria too. And my Lizard Ridge. And the socks. And the toque. Ugh, so many works in progress.

-Cheers folks!

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Noelle said...

Hi AudioChick,

Sorry to leave this in comments, but I can't find a way to PM you.

First of all, love your blog :)

Second, I was wondering how you got your beautiful little date stamp at the beginning of your posts. I'm assuming that you're writing your blog somewhere else, and just hosting it on blogger, which means that the date graphic isn't available through blogger, but I'm hoping I'm wrong :)

Thank you for the help!