Tuesday, September 8, 2009

251. My Opening Night


I know I’m behind, I’ve been busy and sadly the photography bug seems to have left for a little while. I think I’m getting all my creative juices going at the theatre, and the blog, and even the knitting have sort of fallen by the wayside. It’s sad, but I’m back, hopefully.

Opening night was a hit! Besides the first phone ring not working (leaving the two actors making out on the bed for quite a long time), and one of the videos not starting properly, it was a hit! Everyone in the audience seemed to love it. I wasn’t actually working the opening night, but I sat in the gallery watching the play and I’m pretty sure I heard Martha. Martha is the resident haunt at the theatre. She plays with levels, walks the halls, and apparently (from mine and the lighting designer’s experience on two occasions) plays with the portraits and picture frames in the hall leading up to the gallery and the booth. She’s not been malicious to my knowledge, she just plays with people. Appearing in hallways, walking across the stage, through the back of the house, she just… says hello. Her history fascinates me, and I keep trying to learn more like the false fire alarm that went off for no reason this year on Canada Day, exactly 39 years after the fire that burned the buildings that were there to the ground. I’ll say it again, fascinating.

-Cheers folks!

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