Saturday, September 19, 2009

262. My Supper


I cooked a good dinner again tonight. Beef and Broccoli with rice. It was tasty, a little salty, but still amazing. It took about an hour to prepare and cook, but it was so friggen worth it. I used two portions of meat, and an entire head of broccoli. Let me add up the cost of this meal.

Steak: $3.57

Broccoli: $0.99

Green Onion: $0.69

Ginger: $0.11 (but I used maybe a cents worth)

Soy Sauce: $1.69 (used a tiny bit)

Beef Broth: $1.99 (used maybe an eighth of it)

Corn Starch: $2.49 (just a bit)

Oil: $4.99 (used just a splash)

Rice: $3.99 (used about a tenth of the bag… maybe)

Add up the hard ingredients, it’s about $5.25, add in the other ingredients, it’s maybe $0.75. That’s a super cheap meal, especially since I have an ENTIRE CONTAINER left in the fridge. I love cooking cheap stuff that is tasty.

Kitty has come to love sitting on my lap, and then moving to sit right on my keyboard. It’s so cute, but so annoying. I will still miss kitty.

SONY DSC -Cheers folks!

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