Monday, September 7, 2009

250. My Ultimate Question


This photo is actually from yesterday. But I didn’t take a single photo while we were at the Aviation Museum, nor any today actually. But the subject still reigns true. While we were walking yesterday (and we did a whole bunch more today too) we went from the Ottawa River pathway to the back of the Parliament Buildings. It was over 250 steps. After about 200 there was this drawn on the steps. I don’t do stairs well, my knees tend not to like me, so I felt the exact same way. My friend was way ahead of me, so he laughed when I stood with my chest heaving trying to get a good photo of the graffiti. I’m not nearly as fit as I would like, cardio wise, nor strength really. I need to get on my bike more, and I wouldn’t mind getting some strength training in either. But I hate gyms. I might have to do something in the winter though. Especially to get the cardio in seeing as I wont be able to go biking. I guess I’ll invest in a pair of skates for when the canal freezes. I can’t wait for that.

-Cheers folks!

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