Tuesday, October 6, 2009

279. My Night Out

Oct 6

First off, I was up and awake without an alarm at 8am this morning. It was weird. Normally I do wake up if the guys downstairs are loud getting ready in the morning, but then I just roll over and it’s right back to sleep. Not today for some reason. So I rearranged my room. I now have a lot more natural sunlight coming onto my bed, and what seems like more floor space. Then one of my roomies made crepes. They were tasty. I spent the afternoon finishing a Thrum mitten and getting well over halfway on the other one. My evening was taken up with a meeting at the Theatre for the Musical in December. Can I just say how excited I am. I even got the music script. all 200+ pages. Gwen is happy. Very happy to be back in the Theatre, and this time it’s a musical. Then I went to the mall to pick up a memory card for my phone so I could take some pictures with it and have a way to transfer them to my laptop. I came home, punched holes in my script to put it in a binder, and then it was off again. I went with my Crepe making roomie to The Royal Oak. It was open mic night. Everyone was good, but the dobro player was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Oh, and the Scotch was good too.

-Cheers folks!

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