Thursday, October 22, 2009

295. My Makeup Overdone


I popped into a store to pick up a compact. My old one was done for, so I needed a new one. Not that I use them that much, I just like to keep them around for those “cast and crew photos are being done today, you’re up in five minutes” moments. Well, I walked in and saw all these price tags indicating a sale. I had to double check a bunch of times because I didn’t believe it. The pressed powder I use was on for $2.99. It’s usually $7.99. Concealer was the same. The compact wasn’t on sale, but the mascara was, it was on for $4.99. I ended up saving a bunch of money, and now I don’t need to pick anything up for a while now. I’m set! Can you tell that I like Rimmel? Seriously, I love the stuff.

-Cheers folks!

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