Thursday, October 8, 2009

281. My Mittens Redux

Once again, no picture, camera is packed with picture on it.

I finished the Newfie mitten #1. I’m not sold. First off, I put the thumb up too high, didn’t do enough pattern repeats, and the gauge is very loose. They don’t fit me, but then again I have weird hands, my thumbs are long, as well as my fingers. Hopefully they’ll fit someone, just not me. I’m going to knit the other mitten, just because I know they’re not for me. If they were for me I wouldn’t do it. Not worth my time. I think I might make some kids thrummed mittens. They’re quicker to make, and smaller. Gotta love that.

I don’t plan on sleeping tonight, getting up at 3am to leave the house at 4am just wouldn’t happen, where as staying up till 3am is easy for me. I’ll just have a nap sometime tomorrow. Because I’m not sleeping, I’m hoping to get a bunch of knitting done. I’m also going to wind up some yarn and I’ll prepare a bunch of thrums so if I finish the Newfie mitten #2 while on my way back to Halifax, I can cast something else on. I had thought of packing the Garter Stitch sweater in my suitcase so I’ll have something else to knit while home, but I decided against it. Mittens. Mittens mittens mittens. That’s my focus right now. Everything else is on hold. I’ll finish things… eventually.

-Cheers folks!

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