Saturday, June 6, 2009

157. Fly away from it all

June 6 *Back posted: Originally posted on June 7, 11:57pm*

We were away all weekend. It was nice. I got reception at the Tract of Land, but my phone died after about three hours of being there, so I had absolutely no contact to the outside world. And by outside world I mean Brownie Parents, Apartment hunts, Work, Knitting Worlds, etc. It was nice. Very nice. Because the weather was crappy on Saturday morning, we drove to Lunenburg. Dad needed to find the right plug for the generator because Home Depot had mislabeled the one he got, so it was the wrong one. After wandering around the South Shore for a while, we went back to the Tract of Land to have supper.

I showed my fire prowess by using the Burn Bucket to burn all of our burnables. I like fire. It’s really bad how much I like fire, but I find it calms me. I love nothing more than to sit beside a roaring fire, or smouldering coals and just stare into the depths of the red glow.

We had supper, and then I actually said something that I wanted to do. Normally I’m the “along for the ride” girl, I’ll go wherever the car takes me, but this time, seeing as it was my last weekend in the South Shore, I said that I wanted to go to Kejimkujik. I spent a fair bit of my childhood in those woods. Dad pushed me into the lake when I was barely 3, and he also made me bail out the canoe while we paddled in a freak rain storm that was putting water into the canoe faster that I could get it out. Good memories. I’ve come away with cuts and scrapes from falls on my bike, crafts made at the kids programs, stories from the programs at the amphitheatre, and more bug bites than you could shake a stick at. We drove around the camp ground, and I did some wandering while my folks cheated at the camping game by showering. We drove to the boat launch area (where dad had pushed me in almost 17 years ago), and then we went to the main beach at the big lake.

There’s a playground near there that beach had a digger. Of course dad and I had to go play. Hilarity ensued, and then we walked down to the water’s edge where I nearly cried for the beauty.

I love Nova Scotia. All it’s wonders, all it’s sights, and all it’s history. I’m going to miss it, that’s for damned sure.

-Cheers folks!

PS. I’ll do a photo post when I don’t have to get up in 6 hours to go to work.

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