Thursday, June 11, 2009

162. Letting Go and Casting On

June 11

In the past week I have Frogged:

  • Poe Wrap
  • Noro Striped Socks
  • Leaf Lace Scarf
  • Double Breasted Shrug
  • That’s more than I have frogged in the past year I think. I have also finished a pair of socks, which felt so damn good. I finished the last block and I’ve got two other blocks for my Noro blanket blocking on the top of the washing machine. (I can’t wait till I get to Ottawa and I can block things wherever I want.) I need to sew in the ends of three items for the super secret project, then get them ready. One is still left to be done, but that’s okay. To celebrate the lightening of my load and to cast on something that is of any interest, I started the Whisper Cardigan from the Spring 09 Interweave Knits. It’s laceweight, light, airy, and purple. I only have one skein of the Malabrigo Lace, so I’ll have to buy another, but it’s not of too huge importance to get the exact dye lot because I can just use it for the body. The seam will add that transition needed to protect against the ugly that can be dye lot differences.

    What do you have on the needles?

    -Cheers folks!

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