Sunday, June 28, 2009

179. New kicks X2

June 28

I bought new shoes. I love shoes. These were my first non-living quarters purchase. I love them. My old Airwalk Kicks fell apart a while ago, so I threw them out. I was sad to not have them, I really loved them in the summer, so I knew I was going to get another pair. Of course, because there was a sale, I got sucked in. It was the Payless BOGO Half Off that got me. Two pairs of shoes for under $50, I couldn’t pass that up. I was going to get a pair of plain black ones, but they were a little too big, so I went for the graffiti, which I love, and the pink which is just too much fun, especially in the summer months when it’s hot.

Next purchase: Shorts. I need more. I’ve for three pairs of shorts (one pair are my old soccer shorts), 2 pairs of yoga capris, a short skort, a short plaid skirt, and 2 dressier skirts. I’ve also got two sun dresses, but they’re a little too classy for daily wear. I think I want more knee length shorts, and maybe a short denim skirt. I’ll need to get a pair of spanks though. Looks like I’ll have fun shopping at some point in time.

-Cheers folks!

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