Wednesday, June 10, 2009

161. Destash

June 10

I gave my bigger bin of yarn to my Nanny today. She knits for charity, so I know it’ll get put to good use. It was mainly a big bin of acrylics that I would only use if I was knitting for someone I didn’t know too well. I’ve still got my other bin full of wools and natural fibres, so I’m good. Plus I’ve got my drawers of un-spun fibre that’s just waiting to become yarn. I’m also either frogging or finishing projects. I picked up my Lizard Ridge blanket again tonight. I think I’ll sew together the blocks I have now, and instead of buying more Noro Kureyon, I’ll just use the Eco+ that I have and do a band around the outer edge. The Double breasted shrug is going nowhere. It’s getting frogged. Tonight.

I’m getting rid of crap. Two weeks till I leave. Back to the basics eh?

-Cheers folks!

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