Thursday, June 18, 2009

169. Curls

June 18

I’ve always been a sucker for curls. Little girls with blonde curls, or guys with dark curls, it doesn’t matter, they all make me melt. Anyone notice the model of the Smokin’ sweater from Son of Stitch ‘n Bitch. Then there’s Lidsville, the Uncle Argyle scarves (I started one of those, but it got frogged), the Ski Beanie (it helps that the designer is from HALIFAX!), the Swelligant Scarf, Anchors Aweigh, Mixology, the Hacky Sack Hoodie, the DJ Bag (I tried to make it into a pillow, long story short, I don’t do well with long floats), Tubey socks (a man in boxers and a button down always looks good, and Tie me up, Tie me down (sports jacket, un-tucked button down and any pants especially jeans once again ALWAYS looks good).

For those of you that have the book or can look it up online, can you tell how much I like curls?

The sweater is coming along great, I’ve got about two and a half inches of the garter stitch border done already, plus I went to one my my LYS’s (the one five seconds from where I work) and picked up another skein of Eco+. I wanted to do black, but they didn’t have any, so I picked up another green. I doubt the dye lots match, I’m just hoping for very little difference, or maybe somehow I’ll use the new skein for parts that could look different and not look weird. Here’s hoping eh?

-Cheers folks!


EDWARD said...

How does one contact you? I have the website and wanted to ask about using your pictures.

theaudiochick said...

At the moment I am not allowing my photos to be used on any external sites.

Sorry for any inconvenience.