Tuesday, June 9, 2009

160. Girl Territory

June 9 You have been warned.

I filled out a form online a few weeks back to get a free carrying case and a sample of o.b. tampons. I got them in the mail today. Neat package, very tiny. But what surprised me is the teeny tiny size of the tampons themselves. Ridiculous. Probably could be used by Barbie dolls. Oh well. It was free.

-Cheers folks!


Jadielady said...

I see that and think "Needle and stitch marker holder"

pigbook1 said...

I would definitely be using it for something other than tampons. I am a diva cup girl myself, but that is a cute container

Anonymous said...

these tampons are great! they are the same size as Playtex or Tampax - but you don't notice it cuz the others are inside an applicator. anyways, these o.b. are so comfortable and absorb equally well!