Wednesday, June 17, 2009

168. Cozy Sweaters

June 17

Something the Yarn Harlot sad stuck with me today, I’ll paraphrase: No matter how warm it gets, winter is inevitable, and if we don’t knit now, we’ll be cold later. She was talking about mittens, but I’ve been thinking sweaters. I’m on a Jared Flood kick right now, so what did I turn to, Smokin’. That’s what I turned to. It’s a very simple cardigan with a hybrid saddle seam/raglan shoulders, deep garter cuffs, a nice cozy collar, and chunky yarns. I’ve had to do a fair bit of math to get the numbers I needed, I’m also doing it on size 5 needles with the Eco+ yarn I have. I know I said I’d use that as the border to my Lizard Ridge blanket, but truth be told, that wont work. It’ll have to be black. Black is classic. I like black. I’m also going to use black as the main color of this cardigan, the green is going to be the cuffs, button band, and the collar.

Now is the time to gasp for air folks. I was going…to… *breath*… steak this. But I’m not. I need something mindless and I really don’t need something right now hanging over my head like an impending steak. I’m not there yet. Michael, you’ll have to help me get there someday.

Now it’s me time. No podcast (I’m working on episode 90), no packing (I have barely started), no Brownie stuff. Just me, my boyfriend (George from The Hour, he tells me he’s mine every single night), and some knitting. I’m looking forward to it.

-Cheers folks!

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Michael said...

Mmmmmm, cozy old man sweater! I have a cuff done on mine...

Also, steek steek steek steek steek! It's fun, I'll show you hoooooooooooow.