Monday, June 1, 2009

152. Productivity

June 1

Remember how I said that I wasn’t only a knitter but a sewer as well. Well I finished my latest sewing project. My camera case is done. I hand sewed all the brown edging on because I didn’t trust my machine skills with what I wanted to do. I really like it with the exception of the velcro holding the side flaps down. It’s not really what I wanted, but I had it on hand. I might go to the fabric store to get some little snaps that I can put on instead. But for now, it’s perfect.

When I was taking today’s picture, I looked to my right, and saw this guy. He freaked me out a little. Just in case you were wondering, that quarter-round is 1 inch. So that spider is a big guy. I didn’t touch him. Just got up and left. I don’t do spiders. I really don’t. Not the big ones at least.

Spider -Cheers folks!

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