Wednesday, June 24, 2009

175. It doesn’t count.

June 24

This does not count as stash. It is project yarn. I’m using it. In fact, I’ll be casting on just as soon as I finish this post. So that doesn’t count as stash, because it’s not going in the stash. These are the last two balls for my Lizard Ridge blanket. I’m not overly crazy about the entire color scheme, but I really like that blue. Once I get this last piece done, I need to seam it to the other one, then both of those to the existing 6 block blanket, then I need to figure out some sort of edging. I’m thinking plain black, but what type of border? Garter stitch simple, something fancy… what?

I need input. Help me!

-Cheers folks!

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Halifax Mommy said...

how about a contrasting blanket stitch?