Friday, June 26, 2009

177. Here I am Ottawa!

June 26

That’s my room. Well, what room you can see under all my stuff. I honestly don’t know how I got all of that in the SUV… Magic. Or it’s a TARDIS. Bigger on the inside, you know? It’s hot, it’s humid, it was POURING when we got here, but it’s amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I need to clear off my (double) bed. I’m so excited. No more Single Bed sleeping for me!

-Cheers (from Ottawa) folks!

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Anonymous said...

Pouring eh? You must have arrived around 6-7pm just as I was heading out for a walk to meet up with friends. Get used to the humidity, it's not going anywhere.
I got your message, I'll be giving you a call tomorrow whenever I wake up.
Welcome to Ottawa