Friday, June 19, 2009

170. Halifax

June 19

I know I’m late getting these posts up. Sorry folks, but I was drinking Friday night and last night my router decided to crap out on me so I couldn’t post at all. But here it is.

I’m really going to miss Halifax when I move. This is the view from the Halifax Citadel Hill. It’s one of (if not THE) oldest forts in Canada. It’s got the best view of Halifax, and it’s right downtown. I haven’t been inside the fort in ages, but I always loved it. At noon each and every day except for Christmas Day, they fire a canon to signify the time. It scares the crap out of tourists, but I’ve lived with it all my life, and I can even hear it on clear days from my house which is over 20km away.

Public Gardens (2) Another thing I’m going to miss is the huge green spaces in the city. This is the Public Gardens. I don’t have many pictures because I had forgotten what week it was: Prom Week. I love the fountains in the park too. Nothing is more soothing than the sound of water or rain.

Public Gardens And then there’s the City Hall. It’s nothing much, but the New Years Eve festivities held in the courtyard is fairly substantial, as are the fireworks that they set off right downtown. I played inside a few years ago when I was in Jazz band. It was fun, but lugging all our equipment in from the street on the West side was a little annoying.

Halifax City Hall -Cheers folks!

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