Sunday, March 1, 2009

60. But when will I finish?

I picked up a pattern from The Loop for Fiber Trends' Huggable Hedgehogs a while back, but I hadn't cast on..... until yesterday. Well I finished it today, it just needs to be felted now. I'll be doing a load of laundry tomorrow, so I should felt it then, but whether or not I'll remember is another story all together. I think it's going to be cute, it will end up being my little cousin's birthday present. She'll be 4, and she loves pink, so I figure this will be a good gift.

I'm trying to find music for the latest episode of Lime & Violet and I'm having no luck whatsoever. It's killing me. I'll either find something that is promising, but then the vocals come in and I hate it, or I find something pretty good but the quality is horrible. Argh, I usually don't have this problem. -Wait.... I think I found something. Wewt!

-Cheers folks.

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