Monday, March 30, 2009

89. With Whipped Cream on top

March 30

Apple Blossoms. So tasty, but so bad for you, especially when you put a huge dollop of whipped cream on top like I did. They’re like an individual sized apple crisp, which I love. I pretty much love any type of fruit, apples, grapes, strawberries, kiwi, etc. But my favourite of all time has to be blueberries. I don’t know where my fascination with the teeny tiny little blue balls of goodness (oh god that sounds horribly dirty) came from, but oh how I love anything blueberry. Except for the cheesecake I tried to make with the mister which ended up being blueberry cream cheese soup… it was bad, real bad.

On another note, I want new BBC Sci-Fi shows. Doctor Who and Torchwood preferably, but I’ll take just about anything right now. I’m jonesing for some Ianto Jones. Call a Doctor, The Doctor. *blink* I’m sorry, I’m done. WAIT! One more. I’ve got a hankering for some 51st century pheromones. Ow ow. Anyone else?

-Cheers folks!

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