Wednesday, March 4, 2009

63. GGC

I got a new Guide Shirt today when mom and I went to the Guide Shop. I bought the badges that the girls needed because we have been busy, that's for sure. I then tried on a couple shirts. I decided on the short sleeved version rather than the long sleeve version because I have my Area hoodie that I always wear, and when I wont be wearing it, it will be the summer, hence, I need cool. Made sense to me. Problem was, I tried on the 8 and it was tight in the shoulders and a little short. They only had a ten in the long sleeve, which fit well (and was even long enough in the arms for me) but it was long sleeve. I tried on the 12 in the short sleeve, and even though it was a bit baggy on me, I got it because my last shirt (a short sleeved polo) shrank to pretty much nothingness. It's now far too short to be worn alone, and I can't always get away with wearing a shirt underneath it. I hope that this new shirt will shrink widthwise rather than lengthwise because the length is great, but the width is a little much. I'm happy with it though, it looks teh awesome.

I'm taking the elastic out of my Guide pants waist, because although the pants themselves have about a 32 inch waste, the elastic is only about 18 inches when unstretched. This makes them fairly uncomfortable. Here's the deal. The elastic is serged into hem of the waste. I have to take it all out, remove the elastic, and sew it all up again. That's okay, that's what sewing machines were made for, right?

-Cheers folks!

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