Tuesday, March 17, 2009

76. Wonderful

First off, I have a cough. Not an "I've got something in my throat" cough but an "I've got a cold coming on" cough. I am not pleased. I know who I would have gotten it from too, so that just adds to the anger that has built up around said person already.

Work with the kids was good today. The guy who came in to do Flash was much more of a starter than the girl who was doing animation yesterday, but he wasn't much of a leader, it took a whole lot of persuading by me to get the kids to pay attention. Most of them didn't want to do much in Flash, so we spent the afternoon doing various things. One of them (the only girl there today) worked on her Clamation video the entire day (it's awesome, I love it), along with a few others who spent the afternoon on their clamation videos, a few of the guys worked in a program called RPGMaker and made games, a few worked in Pivots, while a few of them worked away in Flash. Tomorrow is podcasting. Speaking of which, I have an episode of LnV that will not be getting finished tonight, and I'm going to see the mister tomorrow evening, then I'm working ALL day Thursday (office in the morning, camp in the evening until fairly late), looks like the episode will go out on Friday. Crap. Maybe not. Argh. I need to be less busy.

I was going to say something else, damned if I can remember though. Damnit.

-Cheers folks!

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Anonymous said...

What's that you're working on? Looks nice with all the little cables.