Thursday, March 5, 2009

64. And yet, Another addiction

Felting or fulling, whatever you call it, it's still making the wooly fibers stick together without glue. I have fulled yarn before, I have wet felted before, I had never dry felted or needle felted. Considering that the needles are sold at my LYS for $2.50 a pair, I decided to buy two sets (one star and one triangle, both 38's), and have a go. Right off the bat though, I took one out of it's little sleeve and proceeded to stab my thumb. It only bled a teeny tiny little bit but wow, it hurt.

I didn't start off with a flat project, I went straight for 3D. And to make it even better the body is just over and inch tall, talk about teeny tiny. I then put eyes and a nose on Miss Hedgehog, and I think I did fairly well. It also looks like it's going to stick well and wont fall off. I hope.

I'm now addicted though, good thing that my fiber stash is effing huge.

-cheers folks!

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Belle Ecrivaine said...

You have SO many hobbies to juggle. I wonder how you manage to keep them all straight!