Friday, March 27, 2009

86. In Search Of.....

So here I am at 11:48 trying to pick out music for the newest episode of the podcast, and nothing is sparking my attention. It's bad enough when it's good music that's just horribly recorded, but it's the songs that have samples in them that I know are stock on some of the free music editing programs. A word to the wise: if you're going to use stock, change it up a bit. I hate watching TV shows where I can figure out what libraries the sound effects come from. I need to take a break so I can get today's picture taken. I also would like to kick this cold, my brain can't take much more rattling around with all this coughing.

It's almost an hour later now and I finally have music, and a picture has been taken. I was playing around with ISO settings, and I managed to get this picture which I thought was kind of interesting seeing as I don't have a black and white setting on this camera. I want to get outside to take more and more pictures! I'm longing to just walk through the city with my camera and snap photos of everything and anything. Just go Tourist. I think it'd be fun. Photo scavenger hunt anyone?

OH! I played Winter Sports for the Wii tonight. It's like Winter Game '86 for the Atari (which we have and I did play when we had a TV the Atari could be hooked up to), but the new winter games has better graphics and more movement other than Go, Left, Right, Forward, Back. For example, in Curling you select throwing direction, curve direction and then you select your throwing power by actually doing the stone throwing movement. I want a Wii. I also want a Wii Fit, but they're apparently impossible to find in Canada. Oh well, I did just drop a pretty penny on my camera, so all for the best I guess.

-Cheers folks!

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