Friday, March 6, 2009

65. Because I don't have enough

I cast on the Kiri shawl tonight while watching Battlestar, which by the way was not a huge OMG episode like I had hoped. Next week I know will be awesome though. In any case, I cast is on and I'm almost halfway through the first chart. I'm using some Lizard Toes from Cables and Lace (which I LOVE). This one is black with small repeats of a deep royal blue and a rich dark purple. It is amazing. I haven't worked on the quilt, I worked very little on the green/grey sock, and everything else is sitting by the wayside. I have far too many things on the go, and with the addition of needle felting, I think I might get quickly bogged down with all of this. I really don't care though, I like being busy.

My Aunt got a ball winder in the mail today. We wound up three skeins of my yarn I had brought with me to show her. We don't have a swift though, so it was interesting having to hold the yarn and get it to come off my hands evenly so as to not get really loose balls that were too big and got caught in the gears, or balls that were too tight and squished the stuff in the middle. We managed to get it going good though. I'm excited. No more hand winding anything for me.

-Cheers folks!

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