Friday, March 13, 2009

72. It's a Struggle

12:13am -> This post is already late, and I haven't even taken the picture yet. I know what I'm taking a picture of, but it's hard to get off my ass to go take it. I don't even want to knit or quilt, I just want to sit here with my laptop and browse/shop online. For what? I don't rightly know. I'm looking for a DSL camera, but I think I have found the one I want (Sony a200, from Black's Photography here in Dartmouth), but me being me, I want to see all the pictures I can of it, maybe find the manual online and do butt tonnes of research before I even get my greedy little palms on it. This, of course, is my Christmas present to myself with all the Christmas cash that I got. I did spend it, but on nothing special, nothing in particular. I had thought about getting a spinning wheel, but I have absolutely nowhere to store it, so that would not work. I like my Sony Cybershot, but I want a DSL. I also want it now, not tomorrow. I am so impatient sometimes. It was frustrating me that I couldn't go get it tonight, pretty much to the point of tears too. I was looking for something to eat in the kitchen and couldn't find anything in the cuboard by the fridge, I sighed, sat down on the floor and chatted with mom and dad for a while. Definately made me feel like a little kid, looking up at them from such a low vantage point, but it was fun.

12:27am -> I still haven't taken the picture, and I've taken two breaks to talk to two people about tonight's Battlestar Galactica episode. I need to get craking and then hit the sack, busy day tomorrow.

12:39am -> Pictures are taken, now to choose the best one.

12:44am -> Picture chosen, number and date added, picture uploaded to post.

12:46am -> Published!

-Cheers folks!

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