Thursday, March 26, 2009

85. Hibernation

So apparently my bear (AKA one of my many huge projects currently in progress) has woken up with the thoughts of Spring. I have cast on for another block of my Lizard Ridge blanket. I've got 6 blocks done, but I'm not doing the small squares, mine are big. Same width as the pattern but I'm doing then over twice as long, so I'm using up more of the yarn. I still need more Noro Kureyon, but the LYS where I had been getting it from hasn't had any in stock for a long (worrying) long time, and the other LYS that carries it stocks few colors at a big price ($2 more per ball than the other store!). I had gotten a bunch from Little Knits a while back at a GREAT price, but they don't have any new colors other than one which I don't have, and shipping wouldn't make it worth it for me. I'll try to find some people on Ravelry who are destashing Noro, but I need two balls per block, most people only have one ball of each color, or they have bags of ten. Hmmmmm..... maybe I'll do a border of single blocks all around what I have now.... damn. I hate when I have ideas late(ish) at night.

It's time to go back to editing. I'm going to see if I can finish the editing tonight so all I have to do tomorrow (or Saturday if need be) is find music, finalize and publish. I should be able to get 'er done pretty soon.

-Cheers folks!

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