Thursday, March 19, 2009

78. No. No. No.

I am not getting sick. Knock on wood.

I have a fair bit in the way of indie perfumes. I've even got a set of Torchwood inspired perfumes that although aren't as strong as my others, are really nice. I did up my own labels for them though because I wasn't too taken with the extremely plain labels that were on them before. My labels have the "T" logo, as well as TORCHWOOD (in the same font) on the top of the label, with the perfume name in the same font just a different style. I really like my perfumes, but I find that most places I go are "Scent Conscience" so I feel guilty wearing them. These perfumes aren't as bad as commercial ones with loads of chemicals and fillers, but they are strong (for the most part). I want candles though. Having a candle with the Freshman scent from Happy Housewife would be awesome.

I should get to editing. I might end up taking my laptop to the mister's on the weekend just so that I can work on the episode. I'm in no shape to publish tonight, and I don't think that I'll get much editing done tonight either before I crash hard.

-Cheers folks.

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