Tuesday, March 31, 2009

90. Requiem for a Sock

March 31 I have a hole in one of my socks. For most, this wouldn’t be a big issue, you’d just toss the sock and that is that. Except this is my first pair of handknit socks in fingering weight. I had made two pairs of shorter house socks, but these were my first pair of fingering weight socks. Also, they were my first pair of toe up socks, and my first skein of expensive sock yarn to boot. No pun intended. It’s Lucy Neatby’s Celestial Merino Dream and I love it. My only quam (second time I’ve used that word today) with my socks is that the bind off is fairly tight, and they’re not quite tall enough. I might end up just frogging them completely so I can make another pair of the Vinnlands, which is what these are… were. *sigh* I’ll miss those socks. Now please join me in taking a moment of silence.

You will be missed but never forgotten.

-Cheers folks!

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Hattie said...

Awww poor socks!