Wednesday, April 1, 2009

91. I’m a Leader

April 1

Today is the first of April. April fools day right? Not in my mind. April 1st marks the first day that we’re allowed to sell Girl Guide cookies. So tonight was our first of two Cookie Blitzes. We all meet at the church were we all hold our regular meetings, and then we send the girls out door to door (with adult supervision of course) to sell cookies. When I was a girl member we always had extremely horrid weather on our Blitz nights. I can remember selling cookies while it was snowing. Snowing hard. We had one group send someone back about an hour after they left because they needed more cookies, but we also had a group come back with more than half of what they left with. It will never cease to amaze me that no matter what cookies we’re selling it seems like more than half the people say “Oh, I really like the other ones so much better”.

Oh yea. That is a toadstool name tag with my Brownie name above my GGC name tag with my real name on it. I love it. I wear that sweater to work every once in a while and quite often I’ll forget about my name tags until someone mentions them in the middle of the afternoon. It always makes me laugh. I think I might wear my “Ask me about Girl Guide Cookies” pin tomorrow and Friday. Hmmmm, I likes the sound of that.

-Cheers folks!

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