Friday, April 24, 2009

114. Party!

April 24

The 23rd was one of the Mister’s Roommate’s Birthday. So of course what did we do? Went out to dinner then back to Casa Del Windsor to drink and make fools of ourselves. After the people who weren’t crashing at the Castle left we broke out a deck of cards and played Asshole for a while. It was my first time playing and I liked it. It was a fun game that required strategy as well as luck. There was also a whole lot of cursing and calling each other names. It was fun.

Tyler's Birthday 025 I’m a lightweight, so after three coolers I was feeling mighty good. I broke out the Skittles Vodka and then proceeded to do 4 or 5 shots with two of the guys. It was fun. I’m very glad that I don’t get hung over though, or else I would have been in horrible shape in the morning.

-Cheers folks!

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