Friday, April 3, 2009

93. New Shoes

April 3

I got new shoes today. Finally. Good old Zellers eh? They weren’t too expensive, and they' look awesome I think. I love the plaid insert. I’m a huge plaid person. I still want to find the Burton Mocha Plaid pants that match my jacket from the 05/06 season (I think it was that season). the pants were nearly impossible to find back then, and now it’s even worse. I do need a new jacket though, my plaid is (sadly) starting to fall apart. Maybe this year I’ll get a full kit rather than just a jacket, the pants I have right now suck anyways. Damn. I wish I had gotten out on the hill this year, it never worked out for me though.

-Cheer folks!

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CouponAlbum said...

Love your new black shoes!! I like it's color combination!!