Monday, April 27, 2009

117. I forgot what Picture I took

April 27

I took the picture, transferred it to my laptop, and then forgot what I took a picture of. Can you tell that I have a short attention span? I had meant to take pictures when The Mister and I set up the tent’s my dad took camping on the weekend that needed to be aired out, but I totally forgot. I was having way too much fun. I then cooked supper and it was amazing. Chilli Lime Chicken with Alfredo noodles, fresh broccoli and carrots. It was so good. I kind of wish I had made extras for snacking on, but I only made enough for the 5 of us. Oh well. I have mango and Lucky Charms to tide me over until I can cook again. Mmmmmm home cooking. Dad even made the joke that I wasn’t allowed to go to work tomorrow, I had to stay home and cook supper. Truthfully, I’d be okay with that. I like to cook, but I especially love to bake. Speaking of which, I want to make cupcakes. Problem is that I have no where to take cupcakes. Maybe I can make them and then bring them in to work for the folks there. I think they might just deserve them. They’re a good crew.

-Cheers folks!

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pigbook1 said...

Do you have a recipe for that chicken? it sounds delicious!