Thursday, April 16, 2009

106. Spring is here!

April 16

The crocuses are out in our garden! Spring is here! Even though I’ve had the scrape the car windows a bit for the past three mornings, I think winter has finally left the building. That’s both good and bad:

Good Bad
No more winter coats No more plaid jacket

I can go outside with only sneakers

No more excuses to wear the clodhoppers
Kids we be outside playing Kids will be outside playing
Spring/Summer sports will start Another year with no skiing

I’m really only upset about the last one, but seeing as I haven’t gotten out the past couple years it’s not a huge thing, just a little bit of a let down… again. Oh well. The flowers will be in bloom, the Public Gardens will once again become gorgeous, and I can eat lunch while sitting on the boardwalk. Mom and I will probably go down to Sailor’s Memorial to eat lunch some days like we did when the weather was nice. The Mister and I will do some lunches downtown, I’m thinking we need to do the warehouse place, I can only remember the pub’s name though, Tug’s Pub. Waterfront Warehouse! That’s the one. lol. Little brain fart there. They have a really nice patio on the back facing the tugs and the harbour.  I also can’t wait to wear flip flops, shorts, and maybe even the odd skirt.

I hope the weather stays like this for a little longer, or gets better. I’ll take either one.

-Cheers folks!

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