Tuesday, April 14, 2009

104. Mmmmmmilk

April 14

Short one tonight, I’m super tired, I wont even be knitting before I crash. That means I haven’t touched the needles at all today. It kind of makes me sad. Sad enough that I got myself a huge glass of milk. Crap. I just realized that I didn’t do up my container of fruit for work tomorrow. Oh well, I can do it in the morning. Traffic has been horrendous. it’s really annoying to just sit in traffic, especially for someone like me who tends to take the bus everywhere except work with mom. I hate looking at so many of these cars on the road that have only one person in them. How hard is it to put together a carpool? Not very. Don’t get me started on the Asshats who go through the Passenger Side drive through when they’re the only one in the car. I’ve seen people have to get out of their car to walk around to pay and pick up their order. Asshats. Grrrrr.

Quote of the day: Me “Should I use the Rum or the Vodka to sterilize the needle to get that splinter out?” Dad “Don’t waste the Rum if you’ve got vodka, duuhhhh.”

-Cheers folks!

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