Friday, April 10, 2009

100. Happy Centennial to me!

April 10 Happy 100th post to me! Wooooo. I’d say that the mister and I celebrated with steak, but that was because I wanted steak a while ago, and we just got around it today. Unfortunately (obviously) I didn’t get a picture of the steak. It was sooooo good though. Very good. Two of a kind (2X 3oz Calgary steaks) with a warm buttered roll and fries.

I do apologize for the crappy quality of the picture. I was coming home from an evening with the mister and as I looked up (while I was on the bus) I saw the moon.Now, considering that you can barely see it, I’ll tell you where the moon is. See the McDonald’s arches, well just to the right of that is a small round(ish) dot. That is the moon. I thought that it was fitting that the moon was full on my hundredth day, so I took a picture with the only means I had. My cell phone. I’m sorry! Forgive me? I need to get a smaller case so that I can take my camera in my bag without taking up all the room in it. Maybe tomorrow, the mister and I are having a shopping day.

-Cheers folks!

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