Tuesday, April 28, 2009

118. Sorry I stole it.

April 28

I’m sorry I stole people’s blogging mojo, and I apparently also stole people’s energy. Ever since I started doing my 365 Project, people seem to have dropped off the blogging scene. I do see the occasional post from my favourite bloggers, but they’re not nearly as frequent as they used to be. I do agree to some extent with La Belle that Social Media sites such as Twitter and Plurk have made people into Micro-bloggers rather than the standard bloggers they used to be. But I also agree with My (other) Boyfriend George Stroumboulopoulos that social media has gone from “I have and idea, allow me to explain it fully to you” to “Here’s a thought.” There is an art to Twittering and Plurking, but well, to quote someone (I have no idea who, I don’t even know where I heard it) “No one writes letters anymore.” What was the last email you got? Mine was “Got 2 faxes: *insert titles here*. Who’s are they?” That was the entire email. When was the last time you got a letter via snail mail? When was the last time you even got a fully formed letter via email? It was Christmas for a fully formed email for me, even though the mister doesn’t paragraph, there was still content, and length. My Great Grandmother was a school teacher, and even at 85 her handwriting was impeccable, and her use of grammar and spelling was stellar. I can’t spell for beans, and my use of punctuation isn’t what it should be. But at least I acknowledge it. If there is one thing I can’t stand (and hate when I catch myself doing it) it’s slang. Cuz, Sup, u, r, 2. That sort of thing. I do use brb on occasion, but usually in a satirical way when I want to should cheesy. Unfortunately my sarcasm never comes through correctly when it comes to MSN. There’s another thing that has lead to the downfall of Communication as We Knew it.

Don’t even get me started on texting. I’ll cover THAT tomorrow.

-Cheers folks!

PS. 3.14km in 30 min. I’ll be posting my cardio stats from now on, or if I do Pilates, I’ll post how long I did the work out for. Go energy stealing!

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Miss Knotty said...

I get letters from my 401k company every month, lately. I don't want to get letters anymore. I write thank you notes and snail-mail them, when it's warranted, but I don't generally do snail-mail anymore. That said, I DO write complete emails (and texts - my text messages usually have good grammar and sentence structure - drives my friends CRAZY.) and my job requires that I do a lot of snail-mail correspondence, so my letter-writing skills are still honed, just not for informal, non-business letters.

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